Protection against unauthorized access and dumping

Practical solutions for waste disposal

Bin Locks

Automatic gravity locks

With waste bin locks, we have become the leading supplier of locking systems for waste disposal in Europe. Our locking solutions protect waste bins from unauthorized access. In the event of accidental tipping, the waste bin also remains locked. Our automatic gravity locks guarantee reliable, automatic opening and closing. The gravity lock opens automatically when the waste container is emptied during collection by the waste disposal service.

Protection against unauthorized access, animals and vandalism

Weighed garbage, storms and vandalism: waste bin locks ensure that the waste remains in the bin if it is knocked over. This can happen due to a strong gust of wind or vandalism. Where waste is weighed and paid for by weight, our waste bin locks prevent unauthorized access to your waste bin.

Automatic locks

We offer our 7000 series waste bin locks as automatic locks. They offer protection against unauthorized opening and unwanted filling. The patented automatic gravity lock ensures reliable, automatic opening and closing of the waste bin when emptying. Unintentional opening of the lid when the waste bin falls over is reliably prevented by the patented safety device.

Manual locks

The manual lock also ensures secure closing, but without an automatic opening function, e.g. to protect confidential documents.

Manual triangular locks

The manual triangular lock measuring 81 x 41 mm is very suitable for municipal waste bins and similar containers. The plastic housing is insensitive to acids, alkalis, oil and petrol. The functional elements and the triangular key are made of metal.

Individual solutions for waste containers

If you require an individual waste bin lock for your waste bins, we would be pleased to work with you to develop the right closure solution. You benefit from our many decades of experience as a development and manufacturing partner for high-quality locks.

Components for bin locks

Automatic gravity bin locks consist of the following components:

  • Upper lid part
    key, triangular, rotary knob and customized solutions are possible here
  • Lower lid part
  • Lock part
  • Dowel
    for fastening the lock part

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