We have a wide range of manufacturing processes for complete solutions from a single source

Interlinked processes

Automated and efficient

Our production centers in the Czech Republic

The sites for the production of customer-specific components are located in the heart of Europe.

On a total of approx. 40,000 m2 of production and assembly space, we manufacture customer-specific products through to fully assembled modules. The modular structure and the high level of vertical integration also enable us to map complex, interlinked production processes and respond flexibly to customer requirements.

In addition to the established processes of plastic injection molding, surface finishing and assembly, we are constantly expanding our range of expertise to include new technologies and processes.

Injection molding

Versatile plastic solutions

Wide range of experience and machine portfolio

Our many years of experience in processing a wide range of plastics enable us to find and use the optimum material for every customer requirement. We have suitable solutions for every material, both in toolmaking and in injection molding production.

Our plastic injection molded parts are manufactured in continuous three-shift operation on over 50 modern injection molding machines with single and multi-component technology. We use different machine concepts in a size range from 18 to 1,600 tons. All machines are equipped with state-of-the-art control and handling technology. Depending on requirements, we use multi-axis robots and customized feeding technology. Our modern production facility has a central drying and cooling system.

Surface refinement

Flocking, lacquering and pad printing


We flock a wide variety of surfaces on an area of 4,000 m2 at our production sites in the Czech Republic. This gives them a velvety-soft feel and a decorative appearance. With electrostatic flocking, we have made a name for ourselves as a partner to the automotive industry in particular.

In addition to the haptic benefits, flocking also improves noise damping and reduces damage caused by surface abrasion in daily use.

Pad printing

We can print the 3D surfaces of your products for individual design. The advantages of this technology are the clean print image, high repeat accuracy and precision, especially in multi-color printing.

Depending on the quantity, semi-automatic or fully automatic systems are available. The fully automatic systems offer the possibility of applying up to 10 different colors in one process.


In our own paint shop, we are able to coat almost all components and substrates. From plain paints to metallic paints and soft-touch paints, there are almost no limits. Multi-layer paint structures are also realized.

Depending on the application, component size and quantity, the components are painted in our robot painting booths, on our flatbed system or by hand. We have many years of experience in the field of surface pre-treatment through to plasma activation.


From the component to the ready-to-sell product

Manual and automatic assembly

In our assembly department, we combine components from our own production and supplied parts to form complete assemblies. Our modular structure allows us to flexibly implement product requirements in assembly.

We offer our customers the complete process, from components and assembly to order picking and saleable packaging. We process plastic, metal and electronic components. We can draw on decades of experience in the assembly of complex mechanisms. Annual quantities of several hundred thousand units are not unusual. Our customers mainly come from the consumer goods, luggage and automotive sectors.

Assembly technologies such as riveting, caulking, pressing, screwing and clipping have been our standard assembly processes for decades. They are implemented manually or semi-automatically. Mechanical and electrical end-of-line testing is an optional part of the process. We manufacture the assembly devices in-house.

In-process quality assurance

Consistent product quality thanks to stable processes

Product-specific test plans

We ensure consistent product quality through specific, process-oriented tests and measurements in all production steps. In particular, our tactile and optical 3D measuring machines are used to check the high dimensional accuracy of the products. Our range of expertise also includes coating thickness measurements, color measurements, functional and load tests, as well as mechanical or electronic end-of-line tests.

The IT-supported monitoring of all measuring and testing equipment guarantees the reliability of the tests during production.

We monitor process reliability using methods such as SPC.

Facts & figures

  • 40.000 m2 Production area
  • over 300 employees
  • Corporate management using ERP systems
  • 53 Injection molding machines, 180 - 16,000 kN
  • Injection molded parts from 0.5 to 4,500 g / part
  • 1k-, 2k- and 3k-Injection molding
  • Gas injection technology
  • Robot-assisted transfer and insertion technology

  • 10 Flocking lines
  • Realization of the most diverse qualities of grace
  • 3 Fully automated paint booths
  • 2 Manual paint booths
  • 5 Pad printing machines
  • > 150 modular configurable assembly stations
  • Wide range of different assembly processes
  • > 3,000 active products

  • Fully equipped mechanical workshop
  • Tool maintenance
  • In-house fixture construction
  • 3D coordinate measuring machine
  • Operational Excellence
  • Modern high-bay warehouse
  • certified according to IATF 16949
  • certified according to ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 und 50001